Friday, 30 May 2014

Fitbit Flex

Earlier this month when we were in New York, we walked everywhere. I started wondering how many steps we walked in the 5 days we were there. So my hubby bought me a Fitbit Flex, which I love! You wear it on your wrist and it tells you how many steps you've taken and how many km you've walked. It syncs easily on my iPhone to other apps, like myfitnesspal. I enter in what I eat there and my Fitbit tells me how many calories I've burned. It's a great way to watch my weight, but I'm more concerned about being active. On days when I do Zumba I burn so many calories I can have another meal! It also tracks your sleep and lets you know how many times you were restful during the night. I've been trying to get more hours of sleep, now that my Fitbit is making me aware of how little I sleep. I highly recommend the Fitbit Flex, I just love mine!

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  1. I got a Fitbit too, recently, and love it! I got the One, which clips on to a pocket or wherever (I usually clip it to my bra) because I thought a wristband might annoy me while playing piano. It's so interesting to watch my totals, and try to get a few extra steps in here and there. I'm finding it motivating! I've been too lazy to input my food, but I might try that.