Thursday, 27 February 2014

Wool Winder

While I was on the island last weekend, I picked up some more supplies from the yarn lady of Handmade Hugs. I used up all of the stuff I had picked up last fall so I was ready for more. Here is one bag of lovely yarn:
Isn't that a nice colour palette? Nice and warm autumn colours. And look at the old-skool ball band. It says it's from Condon Yarns. My hubby was intrigued and did a little bit of research on the now-defunct company, which was open way on the other side of Canada in PEI.
I had a lot of winding to do, which usually I don't mind. But this was a big old bag of wool, so I decided to buy myself a treat!
I got this from Three Bags Full, a very local yarn store - just up the road on Main Street. I had some credit leftover on a gift certificate, so it worked out nicely.
I unpacked it the minute I got home and had this done in about half an hour:
Two yarn cakes! And more to come, wheeee!

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  1. A wool winder is something I need to buy for myself. I bought our daughter one a few years ago and she loves it.