Friday, 31 January 2014

Whipped Coconut Oil

I have seen a number of pins on Pinterest about whipped coconut oil. I have a jar of the stuff that I use as a moisturizer after the shower, and also on my hair when it's dry. It's a bit hard to use as lotion - you have to break off a chunk and then it heats up when it touches your skin. I thought, hey, I'll try whipping it up!
First I put it in a bowl, and that didn't work at all. It kept flying around in there.
So I stuck the blender beater right in the jar. My jar is about half full, so there was room to get it all whipped into shape. Look at the texture! So light and fluffy and creamy!
And here's a shot of my old-skool hand blender, a cast off from my mother in law. It still works like a hot damn.
The result: Pin Win! I love the whipped texture! I could have whipped it a bit more, because there are times when it still feels a bit grainy, but it's much easier to use. I'm going to do another batch, and add some Vitamin E and essential oils. I hope to put them into jars and give them away as gifts!

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