Thursday, 1 August 2013

Late night eating

And drinking too. It's part of the theatre world. You finish a show, and you're still hyper and can't go home to sleep. Plus you didn't eat dinner because you can't really eat a lot before the show, so you're starving. What to do? Some late night eating and drinking, of course!

The cast is full of young'uns that I've been trying to keep up with. (Ha - they're keeping up with me!) So we've been going out a lot after the show. Not great for my wallet, but fun times indeed.

Braedon's birthday!
Some sitting around:
Debauchery at Sean's birthday:
This is fried chicken on waffles. With gravy, maple syrup and a huge slice of watermelon. I didn't order it, but two girls in the show did. Chicken + waffles. BAM!
And these two fellas:
Life's good!

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