Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Scavenger Race

Last Friday was the Dean of Arts' first ever amazing scavenger race. It was hosted by the Dean of Arts at work, and was an awesome event! You sign up in teams of 5, and have one hour to complete 33 questions. There were tons of staff running around on campus, trying to collect random items. The use of internet was not permitted, and phones were only allowed for calling.

Here's our bag with our mystery clues:
People milling about, stretching, getting ready for a physical workout!
The boys of Team Mod Squad - they were pretty awesome. I took the picture. I was pretty awesome too :P
The inside of the Chan centre, where they gave out the prizes:
There's our department secretary, second from the right, trying to win a prize by finding pennies in the bottom of her purse.
It was a lot of fun - very tiring! - but fun. And guess what? We won FIRST prize!! Each team member got a GC from Sport Check - way to go Team Mod Squad!!

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