Wednesday, 20 March 2013

TUTORIAL: Animal magnets

I saw this idea somewhere, probably on Pinterest, but can't remember the exact source. Bad me. In any case, you basically take little plastic figurines, slice 'em in half, and glue magnets to them. I decided to start this craft at 11pm the other night. I'm sure I could have used better glue or a better cutting technique, but what the heck - they turned out fine.

-circular magnets (not quite the heavy duty ones I used here, but stronger than the average ones)
-plastic animal figures (I used dinosaurs, cuz they're fun!)
-glue (I used paper Mod Podge because I was too lazy to dig out the good stuff; hopefully they don't fall off eventually)


1. Decide which animals will work best by eye-balling their width at the mid-way point

2. Slice em! I first sawed back and forth with a bread knife, but then found I could just chop them in one clean go.

3. Put a large dab of glue on a magnet, and press your animal halves into each one. Let them dry completely - I left mine overnight.

4. I've seen posts that hold a piece of paper or photo in between the halves, so make sure you arrange the magnets so that they stick together properly.

5. Done! Dino-magnets! The butts crack me up.

Note: This was the sloppy method, for sure. I could have used stronger glue and next time I will find animals that are a bit thicker in the middle. You can see from some of the pics that the glue dried quite thickly around the magnet, but I didn't care too much about that. I think they turned out fine and, hey, they make me laugh! Hope you enjoy :)

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  1. I saw that idea on Dollar Store crafts and thought my grandson would enjoy it. I just need to get to the dollar stores and buy some dinos.