Thursday, 27 September 2012

Granny Square set back

I decided to pick up my granny square project again this past weekend. (Or, I was looking through some old stuff and found a bag of some lovely, yet forgotten, squares - you choose.)

I had run out of white, so ran to the store and got a couple more balls to tie me over. Then I sat on the couch and watched a movie, crocheting happily along. I went to take pictures the next morning, so I could brag about my progress, only to see that this had happened:
What. The. Hell?! This is what I remembered about the yarn I was using: It was made by Bernat, the colour was 4 letters long, and it started with an "S". Don't asked me why I remembered that and couldn't remember the actual name, ok?!

Here's what I bought: S-N-O-W.
Here's what I should've bought: S-I-L-K:
Grrrrr! I made 9 squares with Snow, that I will have to re-make with Silk. Blarggety blarg!

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