Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Christmas Craft

In addition to all the knitting and crocheting, I try and do a Christmas craft each year. This year I made Lavender Headache Relief Balm. I have a lot of lovely women in my life, so these are great for stocking stuffers. There are a lot of good ideas on this page, but I decided to use this recipe.

I love lavender, it's so wonderful and relaxing! You can also use this as a thicker lotion, since it contains lots of shea butter.
It was dead easy - a must for Christmas crafts! Melt, stir, pour, wait, that's pretty much it. I wish I could've found nicer containers; I saw a few ideas that used old lockets and pocket watches. Alas, I was on a time crunch and just made do.
That big one in the top right is for me - it's going to live in my desk at work :)

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  1. Those flower containers are lovely! Where did you find those? Mmmm, lavender :-)