Wednesday, 7 September 2011

September Giveaway - Winners

And the winners are:

Number 3:

Kristy said...
Finish a book! Never enough time in the day!

Thanks for the fun! :) I love your Angry Birds!!! :)

Number 6:

Cass said...
We are just heading into summer here, but in the winter we just had I forgot to check the back of my wardrobe for my nice jumpers. I've been wearing the old ones and wishing I had something new to wear. Found them about 2 weeks ago! LOL

and Number 10:

littledebisnack said...
Well I did complete the grandkids room for them, but I never got around to finish an oil painting of my 3 pugs I was working on!
And I was wondering, do you sell the patterns to make these angry birds? I would love to buy them!

Congrats and thanks everyone for entering. I'll get in touch with the winners for details on my etsy store coupon and also for your FREE Angry Bird dude. Yay, I LOVE giveaways!!


  1. littledebisnack - please email me at so I can contact you about your prize :)