Monday, 14 July 2014

Noah's Bday

Yesterday was Noah's birthday! He's EIGHT already!!
He and I love playing mystery games on the iPad. The are problem solving or hidden object games, we call it "The Mystery." So I decided to make his presents into a mystery/scavenger hunt game.

I took empty toilet paper tubes and filled them with goods: candy, coins, stickers, chocolate:
And wrapped them all up:
Eight in total, for his eight birthday.
Some had riddles he had to solve, which took him to another part of the house to look for other clues. It was pretty involved, I must say.
Here he is just before the final prize, which was a kite hidden in my mom's bed.
And here's the carnage of torn up wrapping paper and clues. It was lots of fun -  don't know how I'll top it next year...!

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