Monday, 24 February 2014

Week in Pictures Posts

Over a year ago, my sister sent me a link to this Ted talk, where Cesar Kuriyama took a video of one second of each day. She wanted to compare our videos at the end of the year. Of course, we didn't do it - it seemed like it would be SO cool to do, but a lot of work. Instead, I started taking photos of something I did each day, and then uploading them here to my blog in my "Week in Pictures" posts. I kept going and going, until I looked at how many labels I had with that title and realized I had 52 - a whole year!

Here is my first post, from February 15, 2013.

I decided from the very beginning to not post any text - just the picture, a quick snapshot of something that happened that day. Like the original post, I found it hard sometimes to decide on which picture I wanted to use. Some days I had a lot to choose from, some days I snapped the pic late at night to try and make the cut off.

This was before I joined Instagram, which is a great way to document what I did every day. I'm sort of sad to see my weekly posts go - who knows, maybe I'll continue with them. I hope to make a big collage of all the pics I took this past year. While I'm deciding all that, here are a couple of random pics from my year:

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