Monday, 19 August 2013

Theatre Sale

This past weekend we went to a theatre sale. That is, our friends are downsizing and getting rid of some music, books, costumes, and other random stuff. It wasn't a public sale, they just told some theatre friends about it. Here is my husband, going mental over the amount of books they had. He just LOVES books!
We got a small pile of books, and I picked up a black fascinator for my hair. Because I'm classy like that! We also scored this old program from A Doll's House, produced by my old school/work - Theatre at UBC. I examined A Doll's House for my Master's thesis, so it was cool to read some old names in the program, which was from 1987.
I also bought some black and white buttons. My friend is getting married and she is making button bouquets for her bridesmaids (and a brooch bouquet for herself). Her colours are black, white and yellow, so these buttons were a score!
They only asked for 5 bucks. Silly friends! For a pile of books, a fascinator, tons of buttons and some other odds and ends - 5 bucks!? We gave them 10. I kept on thinking of all the other treats I should have picked up but ah well. 

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