Monday, 28 January 2013

Candle cleaning

I have been so obsessed with cleaning out my old candle jars, every since I saw this pin on Pinterest. It works SO well! I did one batch, then another, and remembered to take pics.

First of all, I realized I'd been saving a lot of old candles - just waiting for big old batch of cleaning.
Here they are filled with hot water - you can see it starting to work already.
The wax in the ones on the far right and far left have already floated to the top. You'll be tempted to empty them now, but then you'll have a waxy, watery mess in your sink. So just wait until they cool completely.
I waited til the next morning, then just lifted out the hardened wax.
I stuck an old butter knife in the rest of it:
And it popped right out:
The others broke apart easily.
 The bug chunks of red are from a soy candle. It was a lot mushier and didn't solidify like the others, but it came out nonetheless.
Here they are, cleaned and ready for re-purposing.
And here's one in its second life - holding some makeup essentials.
I love it! I absolutely love it!!

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