Sunday, 11 September 2011

Cotton Cloths

Last week I asked my sister what she wanted for Christmas. Yes, I am starting on Christmas presents! She said she always had a need for cotton washcloths. I remembered I made these a while ago. I love the simple single crocheted design and I love, love, love stripes. This pattern is great for using up yarn bits, and I certainly have a lot of those. So I started making some, and just couldn't stop...

It really is a lovely pattern and they're so simple to whip up. They can be used as wash cloths, face cloths, pot holders, you name it! I wrote a quick email to Eva to ask if I could sell the items made from her pattern and she gave me the go-ahead. Thanks Eva! So I put a bunch in the shop and whatever doesn't sell will be Christmas gifts. AND I used up most of my cotton stash, wahoo!!

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