Monday, 24 July 2017

Breakfast with the Bears

Yesterday we went up to Grouse Mountain and had breakfast with the bears!
My husband has been planning this for a long time. He knows I love bears and he loves them too!
We took the gondola up and looked at some cool statues.
And then we SAW THE BEARS!
These are two orphaned bears that live in a sanctuary up on Grouse Mountain.
We learned a lot about their habitat and I asked the volunteer a billion questions.
Can you see how happy I am about seeing the bears??
We saw them get food. They have to go for a swim to get some apples.
They had a lot of other cool attractions on the mountain but we weren't able to see them. Next time!
Bears, bears, bears!
Then we went in and had the breakfast buffet.
They limit the breakfast to about 30 people.
And we got bear ears!
It was very sunny when we left the mountain. Look at those healthy people, doing yoga.
One last pic before heading down.
Goodbye for now, bears! I miss you already!

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