Wednesday, 11 May 2016

Such sad news

We have such sad news to share:

On Tuesday night, May 10, 2016, our dearest, dearest Pa passed away. He had had a stroke the day before while working out at the gym. He was fit and full of life right to the end. The hemorrhaging in his brain did not stop, and had spread so much that they couldn't operate. He was stable and somewhat responsive for a day or so, and then he stopped breathing on his own quite suddenly. He passed away at about 7:30 pm and we were all there to say goodbye: Ma, all five kids, husbands, partners, and grandkids.

Anyone who knew or met Pa knows that he was happy, friendly, generous and loving. They had just moved out of the house on Windsor Street where we all grew up, and into a 2 bedroom apartment in Vancouver. He was so happy to be surrounded by his whole family just this past Sunday for Mother's Day, and his sudden loss has hit us so hard.

Please keep us in your thoughts, especially our Mom, his wife of 48 years. Thank you, we'll post information on the service when we can.

We miss you and love you Pa, and we'll see you again.

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